"Why are your American Rates so much higher than your Canadian rates?"

I've had this question asked several times while touring. Since I've decided to now list my American rates on my website, I'm going to clear up any future confusion about why there is a difference in price. Bear with me, this isn't exactly a sexy topic, but here it goes: 

1) Working as an escort in the United States is illegal. Canadian escorts tour there because we can charge more. We don't risk getting deported, banned for 10 years, and/or arrest...unless there is a great reward. Because the work is illegal, American escorts have higher rates than we do in Canada. The United States also has a stronger economy than Canada, and has higher profile clients: another reason why American escorts can set their prices higher.

2) Touring costs money. Unless I get a fly-me-to-you, I only have a handful of guaranteed-to-be-reliable regulars scattered around the United States. Most of my bookings happen shortly before arrival or once I arrive, which means I spend around 3-4K each tour out of pocket. I stay only in 4 & 5 star hotels, because I believe it is essential for myself and my client's experience of total relaxation, sensuality and comfort.

3) The Canadian and American markets are different. My rates are considered high for Canada. In the United States, they are considered low. At this stage in my career (1.5 years) I have to charge the rate I do in Canada, otherwise I would price myself out. I have to match the prices of luxury escorts in American cities, otherwise I would undercut myself. $1800/hr (which some luxury New York Escorts charge) simply does not exist in Canada. $1000/hr in Canada is virtually unheard of. Most luxury escorts here fall into the $350-500/hr range. And more than half of clients who hire me in Canada are American - most Canadian clients view even that price range as too high. If I charged the same rate that I did at home while on tour, I would not attract the same respectable clients that I do at home. I've worked hard to get to where I am in the Canadian market, and I will work hard to get to the same place in America.

I don't show my face primarily because of touring. Homeland Security has facial recognition software and has been known to ban escorts from entry at the border.

"Why Are Your Prices So High?"

I consider myself to be quite facially attractive, and many clients have described me as a classic Hollywood beauty. I ensure that you get the highest quality service. I've never gotten a bad review or cancelled an appointment, and I respond promptly to emails. I don't drink, I take care of my health and hygiene. The location I host in will be spotlessly clean. In other words, you get what you pay for: a consistently smooth experience. 

I hope that clears things up for my clients, and for the clients of my colleagues touring to the United States in the future.