EDIT: After an intense online discussion:

Even though I received support from several WOC sex workers, and nothing but positive messages from POC clients, some WOC (and a black male sex worker) stated that what I was doing did not help them. However, most of the complaints I received were from local white sex workers, all of which were friends and charging a lower rate than me, speaking "on behalf of" POC.

When writing the blog below, I did not even think to consider POC working in the industry. This has shown to be a divided topic between POC, however I truly apologize to the ones I hurt. I didn't even think about how this would affect local white escorts afraid I would suddenly steal business by lowering my rate. In a city with millions of people, and with over half my clients already being American, this was the last thing on my mind. I was simply trying to challenge the "No Black Men" posts that I have seen white providers post on ad sites and racial screening.

Because of this blog post, other escorts followed me in giving the discount, and some are still continuing to stand behind offering the discount. One of which is Hazel Katherine http://www.hazelkatherine.com/blog . Others are now donating the 50% to charity. Luxuria Studio will now be offering a discount for POC providers this Holiday Season for photos. P411 is now adding an "All Ethnicities Welcome" option for clients to search for non-discriminatory escorts who have that box checked on their profile. There was a global conversation on twitter, and most importantly: the industry was openly discussing racism, which was my goal.

However, the 50% discount is axed on my end. I realize now how it was problematic for some escorts. What was suggested instead by a few providers was to give what would have been discounted by black clients directly to a charity of the client's choice. I realize BLM is not supported by many people, so I am leaving the decision of where to donate up to the client. I think this is a much better solution than a discount as this WAY more effective, nobody accuses me of trying to compete with them, nobody gets a discount, everybody's happy...and more importantly : Money goes directly to an organization. And I encourage any local white providers who criticized me to also take action and donate a part of your booking fee, and to speak out against racism as much as you spoke out against me. 

So, if you haven't already made a date with me, this is what will happen before our session:

The session will remain at the same price. However:

Please donate 50% of all bookings 1.5 hours and up to a charity of your choice, and email me the receipt before we meet up- with amount donated viewable. Feel free to omit your name for privacy reasons, but don't try to make any fakes. I'll post the receipt to twitter, and omit your name regardless.

Then bring the other 50% payment for me when we meet.

Some suggestions of Charities to donate to: BLM, ACLU, Canadian Alliance For Sex Work Law Reform, Maggie's.


Original Post:

Given the emails I received while traveling in the United States about racial screening, I have decided to give black men, couples & women 50% off (min 1.5 hr booking) from now until the time that I leave Canada at the end of February, the end of Black History Month. 

I appreciate you & your business, and I'm sorry you have been discriminated against in "screening" practices. I think it goes without saying, but the 50% discount applies to people of mixed race and interracial couples.

I obviously realize that any minorities are discriminated against, but not to the level in this industry in which black men are targeted. Numerous ads explicitly state: "NO Black Men" and "No AA Men" and it is common for black men to be denied service, even upon arrival at a location. 

In addition to the ad posts, I've received emails from escorts screening clients for race, and even clients stating they are white in an email...while refusing to provide screening information. As if that would make me feel more safe? Check the last 500+ years of history. The only time I was ever assaulted by a client, he was white.

In fact when a prospective client mentions their race in an email, my first thought is "Why does it matter?". 

Some people might think me giving discounts based on race is racist. But these are likely the same providers who are refusing clients solely based on their race, and likely, who believe reverse racism exists. They say it's their business and they can refuse any races that they want. Using that logic, I can do whatever I want with my business. Such as giving black people discounts.

I'm stating now that not only do I see black clients, but I will be giving them a discount for having to put up with being racially profiled. I'm looking at you, providers who refuse people due to their race.

Im cutting my rates 50% so that people will LISTEN & THINK about the larger issue here at hand: racial profiling in America. Yes I do notice how extreme it is when I go to the USA on tour. This industry is just a symptom of it. If you haven't noticed, you haven't been paying attention. If a provider asks you for a client's race in a reference, ask them "Why does it matter" ? Challenge the question instead of just blindly complying. 

I know what you might be thinking. "50%?! Isn't that a bit extreme? Aren't you a Luxury Provider? Doesn't that discount you?"

Yes, it is extreme. That's the whole point. I'm doing this to bring attention to racial profiling in the industry, as a privileged luxury escort. 

Please donate here to Black Lives Matter:  

I've worked very hard over the last year and a half to build a reputable business for myself. I think it's important for me to use that influence for change in this industry, not just tweeting about my vacations or trips to the spa. This doesn't discount my business. It's only temporary - At the end of Black History month the rates change back to normal. 

"Does giving the discount mean that you prefer black men?"

No. This has nothing to do with preference. Remember, this is my job. This isn't Tinder, where I can see what people look like beforehand. Preference comes down to chemistry between two people, regardless of race. Any provider who says "White Men Only", clearly does not have chemistry with every white man she sees. If she says she does, she's lying.

All I care about when seeing clients is that they are respectful and that they pay me. All I care about in screening is the information listed on my booking form, such as LinkedIn, ID, and/or references. 

Racism has to end and the sex industry is no exception.

If you are an escort reading this who screens clients for race, please realize that yes, what you are doing is racist.

If you are a client who exoticizes escorts based on their race, please realize that yes, what you are doing is racist.