Independent Escort Sonia DuBois Featured on Lavish Copenhagen:

I’m Sonia DuBois, an independent escort from Toronto, Canada. I’m thrilled to have been asked to write for you, as I’m also an EU citizen and have been considering doing a tour of Europe. My website is and you can follow me on twitter @soniaduboisto . Let me know if you are interested in seeing me. I’ve never been to Copenhagen but have heard great things, and I have to say, Scandinavian men are very sexy.

Working as an independent escort so far has been a great experience. I’ve also been a client. It’s interesting having been on both sides as I’ve experienced the nervousness, anticipation, and excitement of being a client. I recommend any escort put themselves in the client’s shoes at least once.

I’d like to write about what makes for a good session between me (a luxury escort) and a new client. There are certain things luxury escorts look for in choosing a client. It is recognized that luxury escorts, such as myself, are very selective about who we choose to see. We do this because we want to ensure that our clients have the very best experience that we can provide.

Safety first

I first look at how the client approaches me in his initial e-mail. Is he respectful? Is he intelligent? Is the e-mail professional? Does he want to prebook? Can he provide references from other escorts? Does he volunteer his phone number? Can I verify his identity? All of these things make me feel comfortable because they ensure my safety. They show that the client is a respectable gentleman. I get very excited for our date when I know that I will be meeting a considerate person.

Respect & expectations 

I count on a confirmation of the date from the client. This lets me know that you respect my time and are excited to meet me. Before the first session, please keep the e-mailing to a minimum. I love keeping in contact with my regular clients through e-mail, but I need to know before the first session that you are not going to waste my time with emailing and not following through. I’m a very busy lady. If you like before the session, ask me if I would like a gift, or surprise me when you get there! Gifts are never necessary, but it shows her me you are a thoughtful person. Stockings, garter belts, and panties all make better surprise gifts than say food or wine (I have dietary restrictions and I abstain from drinking alcohol). Requesting a social date is also nice, such as going to dinner or to the theater.


Please make sure you are on time for your date. After showering, ask me about my likes and dislikes. If there are any fantasies you have, ask me if we could explore them. This shows me that you respect my boundaries by asking before getting into bed, and helps me find out just what you would like out of the session. Just make sure not to ask questions about my personal life. Some escorts are open to talking about their personal life, but this should only be volunteered by them if they want to disclose.


Now let’s have some fun!