An Independent Escort Is The CEO Of Her Own Business

 I treat escorting like any professional service business. While escorting is a fabulous profession, there is a lot of unsexy work to be done in the back office. This keeps the business on track so that I can focus my attention on delivering the very best experience for my clients. 

I keep track of all costs associated with running the business. From operating costs (such as stockings, manicures and black cars) to capital costs (such as photoshoots and lingerie) to the time I spend on Twitter or responding to my clients requests-I track everything. This is so that I can keep track of how my business is developing over time. I want to know that I am running a business that is sustainable.

The Accounting Work Needed For A Successful Small Business

I have been pushing to develop my business efficiently so that I can make a living while treating my clients with the highest level of service and value.

Tracking my business helps me continue to be motivated and pushing for a higher target each month. I believe that treating the work like a business is the key to success, and shows respect for the work as a legitimate profession. I recommend all escorts do this as I have found it incredibly helpful in making this business both personally and financially successful.

Treating My Clients & Colleagues With Respect

I also have an encrypted, secure client database. I track my clients so that I know what they like and how they like to be treated. I track my clients so that I can prepare effectively before meeting with them for subsequent dates. I do my best to exceed my clients’ expectations every session so having a “little red book” with their inclinations helps me deliver exceptional service.

Professionalism online and with colleagues is also incredibly important to me. I do not complain on Twitter about clients, I do not disclose private information about clients online, and I treat my colleagues with respect. I maintain a professional attitude-and because of this, I have gotten help from many successful people in the industry. I believe in forming a community and becoming friends with my colleagues. It’s incredibly important as independent escorts that we stick together. Not only for safety reasons, but so that we can legitimize this profession-and have the respect of the rest of society.