Although Escort Review Boards have brought me some clients, on July 1st I adopted a No Review Policy. 

I have yet to receive a bad review, however I find review boards problematic for a number of reasons. I don't like graphic descriptions of my sexuality displayed publicly on the internet, and I don't like being graded on a scale from 1-10. I don't find it discrete nor classy.

A troublesome client in June threatened to give me a bad review to lower my TER rating when I told him to stop being aggressive. After hearing other escorts discuss similar threats from bad TER clients, I decided it is a culture that I would rather not support. I don't like the fact that clients can coerce women due to these boards and threaten their reputation and safety. I had leverage against this client and so the threats were dropped. Unfortunately many women out there may have been forced to comply.

A few months ago TER made a rule that in order to be graded 10/10 you had to do certain services-some of which I don't offer. I have been graded 9/10 on there twice, and I am worried clients who read my rating will expect some of these services from me. I don't think it's fair for the site to pressure women to perform some of these services in order to get a higher ranking. It's pressure and competition in the worst possible way. I like to offer my clients good experiences but I also have a say in how the session goes. Anything beyond that is exploitative.

I also don't get any regular business from review boards. Clients who found me on boards make up around 5% of my business. Good reviews have helped somewhat, but I am asking future clients to not write any more reviews. The men on the boards may read graphic depictions of me online - but I can see that most are not paying to read this erotica starring me. Why should I let anyone share graphic descriptions of me for free?

I have a twitter, website and am verified on The Verification Guide, P411 and Eros. My photos are authentic. This isn't a bait and switch. Verifying women was the reason these boards were created in the first place, and now it's broken women down into a series of sexual service acronyms. My clients are the type of people that care about the experience that I offer more than breaking down my "services" piece by piece.

I'm now asking clients to email me testimonials if they enjoyed our time together. It's a lot more personal and genuine. If you have seen me before and plan on writing a review, please send a testimonial instead. Thanks!