Booking an escort as a couple

I love seeing couples, and I've seen several couples as of late. I realize that there may be couples browsing my site contemplating booking me, but who may be hesitant about contacting an escort. I also realize that taking the step to open your monogamous marriage / relationship may be scary, which is why I decided to write this blog.

The illusion of monogamy 

Monogamy is considered to be the norm in our society. On the surface, many relationships and marriages appear to be monogamous, but 30-60% of married people have reported cheating on their spouses. Although lots of people are happily monogamous, statistics show that monogamy is secretly rejected by many.

There are thousands of sex workers in Toronto. Independent and Agency Escorts, Massage and Body Rub Attendants, Street Workers, Strippers, Sugar Babies, Cam Girls, Dommes, Subs....You get the picture. Clearly if we can all collectively be busy (and/or lucrative) working in Toronto, someone is paying, and most are "monogamous" married men. 

Due to this fact, seeing escorts is actually quite a normal thing to do. The typical "John" you imagine is probably not who you have pictured. You know more than a few men who have paid for sex. And you probably know a few women who worked in sex work at one point or another. It is crazy how many women I have met who are workers since I entered this industry that I already knew from my personal life (but didn't recognize from their blurred photos). Many women are turning to sex work to prosper in today's economy.

As sex work becomes more accepted in society, more people are becoming open about their involvement in it - but mainly these are the workers. Clients usually have a need for privacy and secrecy. Many respectable men hire escorts, but don't want anyone to know about it, for fear of damage to their relationship and reputation. Because of this secrecy we are kept underground. And so, many civilians still have an archaic perception of sex work. 

People in monogamous (and sometimes even "open"!) relationships are generally afraid to express their desire to sleep with other people to their partner. Anger, rejection, jealousy, threats, divorce... all fear based predictions of a perceived difficult conversation. Which is why escorts are able to stay in business. If everyone were to challenge society's norms and be open with their spouses, I'd be out of a job! However....

Congratulations on choosing honesty

You trusted your partner enough to talk about opening up your relationship - which means you work well as a team. You were vulnerable with your partner, and put fear aside. You gathered the strength to express your needs and communicate with love, acceptance, and respect.

Wanting to experiment is natural and doesn't mean that you love your partner any less. In fact, opening up your marriage or relationship can bring you closer than ever before. Healthy relationships are built on trust. The fact that you have taken the step just to talk together about this is something that you should be proud of. And sleeping with other people is exciting, natural, and most of all - fun!

Seeing an escort as a couple

As I said before, you probably know a few sex workers and a few patrons of sex workers. Of course, you may be nervous about visiting a sex worker together. But let me assure you, we are just normal members of society who have other lives outside of our aliases. Glamorous photographs and lingerie aside, you probably wouldn't be able to point us out in a crowd. 

So then why book a sex worker? Why not just find a civilian?

We are professionals. We make sure that the experience goes smoothly and that everyone is happy and comfortable. It's easy to book us, and we're reliable.

If you are nervous, I will make sure to address any concerns to make you feel at ease. Jealousy does not come into play, nor competition. You can feel secure in knowing that I won't be a threat to your relationship. Think of me as your guide. Think of me as someone who can bring your fantasy to life for the first time.

I truly believe hiring an escort can be a fetish in itself.  It's always exciting to book a date and know that there will be a girl waiting at a condo to meet you in lingerie ;)

I hope that after newbies see me they feel excited to set forth into the world with confidence to try out other adventures. And to those who have seen me before, I look forward to seeing you again soon!