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1) I require at least two references before booking an appointment. Please send the Independent providers' websites when submitting your references. However, if you are a regular of an agency provider (and they can verify you & are self promoting), please send their twitter.

2) If you are unable to provide references, you will need to provide a LinkedIn profile or company website, sent from your work email address. I also accept University and College email addresses and profiles.

3) You can also provide a P411 ID and skip the screening process, provided you have recent OK's.

4) If you are a couple please provide a phone number so that I can call you both. I do not require references from couples, just a quick phone call.

I only spend time with people who respect my screening process. 

Your privacy is important to me, but my personal safety is my top priority.


Name *
REQUIRED - I only spend time with people who respect my screening process. Please see above.
What website did you find me on?
Let me know approximately when you would like to meet
Please include ALL information such as outfit requests and questions you may have.


I do not flirt between the time we have set up a date and the date itself. I know you are excited for the date, but please keep in mind that I am busy. If you for some reason want to engage in flirting, I will charge for correspondence. Setting up a booking, asking questions, and coordinating logistics of the date are free.

If you are a client I have seen in the past and want to have friendly chats without setting an appointment time, this rule applies to you as well. Regular clients are free to chat with me as much and and whenever they like for free, as they have proven to be reliable. 


If for some reason the above form does not send, please email: